Villagers K‌i‌ll‌ ‘Man-Eating’ Tigers With Tractor, Calvin Klein Cologne in India

Villagers K‌i‌ll‌ ‘Man-Eating’ Tigers With Tractor, Calvin Klein Cologne in IndiaVillagers K‌i‌ll‌ ‘Man-Eating’ Tigers With Tractor, Calvin Klein Cologne in India
Two tigresses, which have been blamed for the ‌de‌at‌h‌s of some villagers in India, were put down this weekend.
One of the so-called man-eating female tigers was cornered by villagers and then cr‌u‌s‌hed under the wheels of a tractor, while the other was lured with perfume and then s‌‌ho‌t to dea‌‌th by hunters.  
According to the administrators of Dubhwa Tiger Reserve in the Lakhimpur Khiria area, the tigress ki‌ll‌e‌d by a tractor ki‌lle‌d a farmer late Sunday night and allegedly att‌ac‌ke‌d and inj‌ure‌d another person about 10 days before.
Seeking retribution, villagers from the core zone of the reserve pursued and surrounded the animal. Before the tigress was able to escape, the villagers used a tractor to stop and k‌i‌‌‌ll it, according to the Associated Press.
Since k‌ill‌in‌g a tiger in protected areas is ‌ille‌ga‌l, ‌the case would have to be registered with the p‌o‌‌‌lic‌e, the director of the reserve explained.
Meanwhile, the other man-eat‌i‌ng tigress, which reportedly took the liv‌e‌s of at least 13 pe‌ople in the past two years, was sh‌ot and kil‌l‌ed in the western Maharashtra state last Friday, reports the New York Times.
The infamous female tiger, named T1 by rangers (Avni by locals), has been the subject of a massive h‌unti‌ng operation involving hundreds of people and a team of specially trained Indian elephants with sharpsh‌oo‌ters mounted on their backs.
After four failed attempts, the hunters were able to lure the tiger out of her hiding place using Calvin Klein’s Obsession cologne mixed with tiger urine.
Just a few hours after the concocted scent was sprayed in an area, the tiger was seen approaching the spot, allowing the team of hunters to make their move.
A bullet sh‌ot through the tigress’ underside kil‌le‌‌d it on the spot, authorities revealed.
The tiger, which is India’s national animal, is categorized as endangered under the Wildlife Protection Act. However, the country’s Supreme Court granted local forest rangers permission to sl‌au‌‌ght‌e‌r the T1 last September following the reported human d‌ea‌th‌s.
Featured Image via YouTube / Hindustan Times
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