Incredibly Polluted River in India is Turning Stray Dogs Blue

Incredibly Polluted River in India is Turning Stray Dogs Blue
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
August 16, 2017
Sightings of blue dogs are emerging in India as animal protection officers are suspecting that the oddly colored canines are the result of a polluted river near Mumbai.
According to MailOnline, the water in Kasadi River is considered unfit for human consumption due to the high amounts of industrial waste being dumped in the area.
Animal protection officers are urging authorities to warn companies of their excessive dumping of industrial waste in the river. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board revealed that the pollution levels found in the Kasadi River were a shocking 13 times over the “safe limit.”
Additionally, the waters of Kasadi River reportedly have extremely high levels of toxic chloride. The stray dogs in the area are known to drink the waters in Kasadi River as well as swim through it in search of food.
It’s reported that the specific cause for the color of the dogs is due to the disposal of industrial dye in the river’s waters. The MPCB is hoping to take action against the companies responsible for polluting the river.
A spokesperson for the MPCB explained that the disposal of dye into any body of water is illegal and that they will take action against those responsible on the grounds that they’re “destroying the environment.”
A local fisherman in the area claimed that the numerous complaints to the MPCB had helped in reducing the stench of the river, but the toxicity levels in its waters still remains extremely high. MPCB responded to the claims stating that they’re currently investigating the alarming situation.
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