Incredible Japanese ‘Corn Hack’ is Breaking the Internet

Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
July 21, 2017
A life hack on getting the most out of eating corn on the cob has gone viral in Hokkaido, Japan, not just for its simplicity, but also due to its effectiveness.
The corn consumption technique starts by clearing out a full column of kernels from the cob. The next step consists of pushing the row of kernels onto the empty space using one’s thumb.
アラブ三郎 (@alovesun) June 25, 2017
Utilizing this technique ensures that kernels are pulled directly from the root. By plucking groups of kernels straight out of the cob, not a single kernel is wasted. Corn can then be eaten out of one’s hand akin to the way popcorn is savored.
In addition, the corn on the cob itself is going to look free of leftover kernels afterwards. The life hack was first shared by a Twitter user who was “shocked” upon learning how Hokkaido locals eat corn.
According to BuzzFeed, the tweet has racked up over 40,000 retweets already as numerous users expressed both shock and awe. Meanwhile, other netizens are already sharing their own techniques, such as merely slicing the kernels off with a knife.
Eating corn the usual way might be the most simple and natural method, but doing so still leaves loads of kernels on the cob.
Biting on the corn can also lead to having annoying kernels stuck in between teeth.
アラブ三郎 (@alovesun) June 25, 2017
While eating corn can be as simple and instinctive as merely chomping down on it, it’s good to know about other ways of enjoying this healthy snack.
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