In Pictures: Chinese Student Who Lost Both His Arms Starts His First Day of College

Chao Peng is a first-year student at the Sichuan University School of Law in Chendu, China. Because he lost his arms when he was younger, Peng has learned how to do everyday tasks with his feet. 

Peng chose to live in the dorms during his first year despite his parents living nearby. 

According to NetEase via Shanghaiist, Peng had a hard time making friends at first because they thought he was strange and uneducated, but over time he won their support. 

While he can do most things himself, he sometimes needs a hand when it comes to harder tasks like taking food from the cafeteria or squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush. 

When Peng eats at the school cafeteria, he takes up two seats while using a spoon with his feet. When his fellow classmates stare at him, he simply nods and smiles at them.

Peng is so skilled with his feet, he can even text with them. 

Peng estimates that it takes him roughly 18 minutes to get ready in the morning and 20 minutes to walk from his dorm to school every day. 

The student notes that his roommates have been relatively helpful. 

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