YouTuber Posts Extremely Racist Music Video Targeting Asian Men

YouTuber Victoria Waldrip, aka WoahhVicky, released a racially-charged diss-track and accompanying music video that has sparked outrage on social media.

According to Waldrip, the track was in response to YouTuber RiceGum‘s diss video he’d previously posted, critiquing her singing, attire, and her claims that she is Black.

The video, pulled from her YouTube channel for violating community policies on hate speech, features Waldrip making racist comments, including “Ching Chong Ching Chong Ching Chong Bitch” and “you have a little dick“.

Netizens did not appreciate her racist video:

In response to the criticism she received, Waldrip released apology videos on her YouTube and Instagram:

“Hey you guys! What’s up? Umm, so I just want to let y’all know if anyone took offense to my RiceGum video…umm, anyone in the Asian community took offense, it was only to RiceGum. He was being racist towards me, so you know what I’m sayin’, the dissin’ was just for fun, it was not supposed to be any offense taken to it. If you took offense, please don’t because it’s only to him, nobody else. So…so if you took offense, I just want to let y’all know please don’t. Please don’t take offense. And…thanks for watching.”


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“I have an announcement to make. So, if anyone took offense unto my RiceGum diss-track, please don’t take offense ‘cuz it’s only to RiceGum because he was being racist towards me, and it’s only towards him and like actually, just so that y’all know, like when I was younger I used to think I was Asian, but my mom told me I wasn’t because I used to like tell people I was and she was like ‘no, you’re not’, and I actually got really sad, but I actually really love Asians, and I actually really find Asian guys attractive, so…so…so…if you’re like, umm, a Asian guy and you think I’m attractive, please DM me right now. ‘Cuz I’ll probably…yeah. DM me right now. But yeah, please don’t take offense, like it’s only to him and nobody else… umm, and yeah so don’t take offense.”

Unfortunately, Waldrip’s racist video has made an impact on people that enjoyed it — RiceGum’s instagram is now littered with comments like “ching chong, bitch!”

This is not the first time Waldrip has been in hot water for her comments on race, as the YouTuber has previously made headlines for her claims that she is Black and her liberal use of the “N-word”.

just cuz he white don’t mean I am. CLICK MY YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO DOR FULL VIDEO

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It remains to be seen if Waldrip has truly learned anything from this experience.

Feature Image via (Left): Youtube / WorldStarHipHop | (Right): Instagram / imwoahhvicky

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