Man is Forced to Disagree With Everything These Feminists Say After Losing a Bet

Man is Forced to Disagree With Everything These Feminists Say After Losing a Bet
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
June 7, 2016
As punishment for a lost bet, Q of Impractical Jokers was tasked to sit on a panel of feminists and politely disagree with everything they say.
Equipped with an earpiece with his friends telling him what to say, Q sat on a panel where only the host of the panel was in on the prank.
Introduced as a social awareness-blogger, Q was especially targeted with tough questions that he had to disagree with. The awkward answers that follow are satisfyingly cringe-worthy.
When the host changed the direction to discussing influential women, Michelle Obama was hailed as a great role model for women today — Q proceeded to disagree.
The host then asked Q:
“Brian, actually this next question is for you specifically. You have a blog entitled ‘Brother of the Sisterhood’, and a recent excerpt from your blog reads: ‘If women made as much money as men, they would definitely spend it all. Specifically for their children because they are such loving human being by nature. These emotions often cloud their judgement though, making them unstable or irrational.’
“Can you explain that quote?”
You won’t hear a more clumsy and hilarious answer anywhere else. Check out the full video below:
At the end of the panel discussion, Q was asked for some closing remarks, which his friends suggested be, “If I had boobs, I’d play with them all day at home.” Over a long series of awkward pauses, Q asked if the other panel members would like to answer before him, which they declined.
Without a doubt, arguing with feminists, on purpose or not, is the train wreck we just love to watch.
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