K-Pop Fans Demolish Republican Congresswoman’s Attempt to #ImpeachBidenNow on Twitter

impeach biden

K-pop fans have once again flexed their social media muscles after successfully drowning out tweets of support for the hashtag #ImpeachBidenNow. 

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene launched the hashtag on Twitter on Thursday night. She announced that she had filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, and she included #ImpeachBidenNow at the beginning of her tweet. 

The impeachment complaint, which was filed two days after Biden’s inauguration, accused the president of abuse of power during his term as vice president by letting his son, Hunter, serve on the board of an energy company in Ukraine, The Hill reports.

K-pop fans hijacked the hashtag by sharing memes of their favorite idols.

More than 100,000 tweets included the hashtag by Friday morning, most of which were used by K-pop fans.  

Instead of promoting messages against Biden, the hashtag was attached to images and dancing clips of BTS, TWICE, Blackpink and other popular South Korean groups.

K-pop fans have made fun of pro-Trump tweets multiple times in the past, as NextShark previously reported. 

Last year in June, countless fans reserved tickets for the campaign rally of former President Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma without any plans of attending. They also trolled trending White supremacist hashtags with fancams of their favorite idols.

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