Immortal Studios Releases First Comic Based on Legendary Wuxia Author’s Hit Series

Immortal Studios, the world’s first studio creating an original and epic interconnected Wuxia storyverse, unveiled the first issue of their latest comic, Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen, a four-part series adaptation of legendary author Shiao Yi’s hit novel series. 

Shiao Yi is one of the world’s most renowned authors of the modern wuxia genre, or martial arts fantasies centered on bringing justice to the oppressed. Wuxia stories have captivated Hollywood with films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Ip Man,” and inspired other blockbusters like “The Matrix” and Marvel’s more recent “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

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Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen (CIS) is a story of transformation and personal empowerment. It follows Phil Du, a struggling Chinese American college student, as he enters an order of mystical warriors being frayed by civil war as a cataclysmic “reckoning besets the planet.”

Phil’s life reflects the chaos, uncertainty, and harsh realities of living in modern-day Los Angeles. He works odd jobs and competes on an esports team in a virtual fantasy world to win cash prizes to make ends meet . Yet, he yearns for a better life, believing he is destined for something better.

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Phil’s life changes forever when he encounters a mysterious figure in the game which promises him power and the answers he seeks. In exchange, he needs to find a hidden Immortal Cave in the game and then in real life.

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Phil soon finds himself drawn into a war between supernatural warriors as strange and unexplained deaths appear throughout LA Chinatown in the real world.

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Peter Shiao, the author of CIS, son of Shiao Yi and the founder/CEO of Immortal Studios, says of his latest work:

“I am thrilled to be able to introduce Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen to a brand-new western audience. I grew up with Wuxia stories, and Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen was always my personal favorite. However we’ve modernized the property for the next generation. We introduced Los Angeles as the new backdrop, incorporated technologies that immortals must contend with, and acknowledged cultural moments like the anti-Asian sentiment coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the success of Marvel’s Shang Chi and renewed interest in the Wuxia genre, we are pleased to offer an ‘essential Wuxia’  story that authentically depicts Asian American life.”

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CIS is edited by Hank Kanalz and illustrated by industry-leading artists Pop Mhan and Rex Lokus. They are known for their work on Marvel and DC comics including Batman and Injustice.

Get your 15-page first look at Phil’s incredible journey in Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen Issue #1 HERE.

Image Courtesy of Immortal Studios

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen is exclusively available for purchase in print and digital from Immortal Studios.

Supporters of the original Kickstarter will receive a limited-edition spot gloss cover.

NextShark has a partnership with Immortal Studios.

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