‘I’m finna go sleep’: TikToker teaches native Chinese speakers English hacks to sound more American

viral english teacher in china
Chinese teacher goes viral on TikTok after posting English lessons

A popular TikToker with the handle @mryang_english posted a series of viral videos in which he teaches a Chinese student how to sound American when pronouncing English phrases.

The English teacher: The first video Mr. Yang released on Oct. 20 under his TikToks of “How to sound American” was titled “Speaking Tips.” As of Nov. 16, it has received over 28 million views and 5.7 million likes on TikTok.    

  • In the video, he instructs his student on how to pronounce the phrase “I don’t know what you’re talking about” with an American accent. 

  • He tells the student not to pronounce the letter “T” in the words “don’t,” “what” and “about.” He then replaces the words “you’re” and “talking” with Chinese characters that phonetically read as an American pronunciation of the words.
  • His “How to sound American” series currently includes eight parts under “Speaking Tips.”
  • The latest video to go viral, in which Mr. Yang teaches the phrase “I’m about to go to sleep” in an American accent, was uploaded on Nov. 10 and already has over two million views. Mr. Yang teaches the phrase “I’m about to go to sleep” in the way Americans would supposedly say it. 

  • “Firstly, cool people in America like to say ‘finna’ instead of ‘about to,’” he says in Chinese. He also tells his student to say the expression pronounced as “shiet bro” before reading the phrase.

Mr. Yang’s TikTok also includes other viral series such as his translation of Chinese songs into English and vice versa and an evolution of how English phrases or questions have changed throughout the years.

Featured Image via @mryang_english

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