‘I’m Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta’ Says Little Boy Stung 400 Times By Killer Bees

‘I’m Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta’ Says Little Boy Stung 400 Times By Killer Bees
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February 28, 2017
An 11-year-old boy from Phoenix, Arizona miraculously survived being stung by 400 bees after pretending to be Vegeta from his favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z, putting his power level over 9,000!
Andrew Kunz and his friend were shooting BB guns at an abandoned car, but they didn’t know of the swarm of deadly Africanized honeybees living inside the vehicle.
The bees became agitated at the noise and vibration of the shots hitting the car, according to Comic Book.
Kunz was rescued by Safford Fire Chief Clark Bingham who rushed to the scene with other first responders after the boy’s grandmother called the police, leaving him fighting for his life.
Andrew was trying to run up the hill to get away from them and they just kept attacking him and he kind of rolled back down and went into a fetal position trying to protect himself,” Petrea Kunz, the boy’s grandmother, told 3TV Phoenix.
The boy endured the pain by going full Super Saiyan and channeling Vegeta and summoning his “Full Force Power” move, which basically means he powered through the pain to fight for survival.
I’m Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta,” he told local reporters, while recovering at the hospital where he was being treated for his injuries with Benadryl and a steroid.
This isn’t the first time Kunz has been attacked by a large swarm of insects as he was previously stung more than 90 times by ants when he was in kindergarten and it turned out he was allergic to any stinging insect, according to Gila Valley Central.
With the way that he is healing, we truly feel the prayers of the community,” Petrea said. “We are so grateful he is alive, again, that’s Clark Bingham. He truly is on a huge pedestal in our family, as a matter of fact, we have decided that he’s part of our family whether he likes it or not.
Kunz was expected to return to school on Monday, and his grandmother said the bee hive has been destroyed, according to KPNX.
Experts say if you do find yourself under attack by bees, it is advised that people run in a straight line, and go against the wind to help slow them down.
They also add that most healthy people can outrun an angry swarm.
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