K-Pop Group iKON Reveals They Enjoy Showering Naked Together

K-Pop Group iKON Reveals They Enjoy Showering Naked Together
Bryan Ke
October 17, 2018
In a recent episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” K-pop group iKON made a rather surprising revelation with regards to the extent of their brotherhood, stating that they don’t mind being naked around each other or taking showers together. 
During their guesting, which aired on Oct 16, 2018, members of the group went on to explain their initially puzzling pronouncement that “iKon enjoys naked gatherings,” according to All Kpop.
When one person goes into the bathroom to wash off their makeup, other members casually follow. We end up casually conversing while being naked,” Kim Jin-hwan, a member of the group also known simply as Jinhwan, said.
Later, Koo Jun-hoe, who goes by the stage name Ju-ne, revealed that the group members will even talk to each other while going number two in the bathroom. To this, Jinhwan commented, “I tell him to move over to the side but he won’t leave.”
Another member, Bobby, whose real name is Kim Ji-won, then offered a particularly intimate experience the group shared while in Japan.
One time, we had my birthday party in Japan. I was drunk so I said, ‘It’s been a while, should we all shower together?’ Four people went into the small tub together. The two others outside the tub were taking photos,” he said.
But they weren’t done there. Jinhwan was quick to follow that up with another interesting tidbit, saying, “Koo Jun-hoe eats naked too. I hope he wears at least his underwear.”
I’ll have that in mind when I eat,” Ju-ne replied.
Perhaps unnerved by the slew of revelations, the youngest member of the group, Jung Chan-woo (better known as Chanwoo), said, I wonder why we have to see one another’s naked bodies so often.”
Jinhwan quipped back with an amusing anecdote regarding his personal experiences around Chanwoo.
I have seen Chanwoo’s top and bottom separately but never his entire body naked,” he said.
Chanwoo replied by saying, “I’ll go down [to your dorm] one day. I’ll shower there.”
Images screenshot via YouTube / Hug Hanbin B.I
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