DJ, Twitch Streamer Caught on Livestream Saying ‘Hold Your Purse’ After Passing Black Man

DJ and producer JVNA is in hot water after she and Twitch streamer iGumdrop ran and clutched their purse as they walk past a Black man during a live-stream.

In the live-stream, posted online by Twitter user @LordBalvin, JVNA and iGumdrop can be seen walking on the street when they encounter a Black man using his phone.

After walking past him, the two women immediately clutched their purse and sprinted away. The DJ can be heard repeatedly saying “hold your purse” while laughing and smiling.

Many netizens were disappointed by her actions during the live-stream with iGumdrop:

After the controversy blew up online, JVNA took to her Twitter account to post an apology video.

A statement was later issued to Your EDM:

“Hey everyone –

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize and explain my perspective about the entire situation. Firstly, I am very sorry if I offended or disappointed anyone by my actions. As I was irl streaming with [iGumdrop] I heard yelling, which I thought was directed at us, making me very nervous. Because I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, my first instinct was to run. I made the split second decision to run and hold my purse, and made an inexcusable comment about holding onto my purse in the process. I never saw who was behind me, but it doesn’t excuse my actions.

I’m deeply sorry again to anyone I offended or disappointed, it was never my intention. I love you all and you all mean the world to me. Thank you for listening.”

Featured Image via Instagram / jvna (Left), Screenshot via Twitter / LordBalvin (Right)

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