Brutal Dating Show Reveals How Picky Chinese Women Are When Finding a Mate

Brutal Dating Show Reveals How Picky Chinese Women Are When Finding a Mate
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 22, 2016
If a male candidate joining the Chinese dating show “If You Are The One” isn’t rich, handsome, manly and successful (read: perfect) enough, he should at least have very thick skin to absorb the flurry of insults he is bound to the receive from the Chinese lady contestants.
A far cry from American dating shows, such as the Bachelorette, the female contestant on the popular Chinese program will never pretend she is slightly impressed if she feels her suitor is not up to her standards, reported the Daily Mail.
In fact, the show is famous for contestants who are too blunt, with women revealing the exact details why the hopeful guy is not worthy of their love in front of the camera.
The six-year-old Chinese dating show, hosted by TV star Meng Fei, is a cultural phenomenon in China, with a viewing audience of up to 50 million people per episode. The country’s most popular dating show, which runs for an hour and a half, features single guys introduced to 24 single female contestants with the hopes of scoring a date.
In each episode, If You Are The One features several male candidates who are vying for a date among the 24 searchers. Each round opens with a short video introduction for a lone male suitor, in which important details about him are revealed. The women will then choose to decide if they would like to date him or not.
While there have been numerous success stories of couples actually finding love on the show, getting a date is not so easy for the males. Contestants usually get insults from the women, from his boring personality or his ridiculous outfit. The women’s rather forward statements highlight the Chinese women’s high standards when it comes to choosing a partner, sometimes to a ridiculous degree.
Comments the women usually unleash on a guy’s looks and personality may break down a  weaker man.
The men’s weight, posture, and manliness are often criticized as well.
Sometimes, the women would just want to take jabs at the poor guy’s ego.
A Chinese dating website once released a survey result revealed that for many single Chinese people, love is no longer the only factor for marriage. When it comes to finding their life partners, men and women have specific conditions.
According to the report, men care more about external appearance, physical health, and emotional experience, while women care more about a man’s economic conditions, health, and career.
Indeed, at times, wealth becomes a huge consideration.
For some of the guys who joined the popular Chinese dating show, however, they just couldn’t care less.
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