Idiot Explodes 200 Hydrogen Balloons All at Once in Crowded Elevator

Two-hundred hydrogen balloons exploded all at once inside a crowded elevator in China, rattling passengers who all came from a birthday party.

The culprit: one idiot who flashed a lighter after being urged by fellow party-goers. Happy day, right?

The incident occurred on Sunday night. According to Shanghaiist, firefighters rescued eight people from the elevator, which got stuck from the impact of the explosion.

It’s sheer stupidity that led one party-goer to succumb to the urging of other passengers who cheered, all eyes on a lighter, “Light it! Light it!”

Other passengers objected, given hydrogen is explosively flammable, but that apparently failed, Sina News said.

The laughter subsided following the explosion which caused injury and panic.

We hope it’s the last time. Seriously.

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