North Korean Cheerleaders Get Triggered When Kim Jong Un Impersonator Walks By

A Kim Jong Un impersonator has ruffled some feathers after waving the unified Korean flag in front of the North Korean cheerleaders at the women’s ice hockey match between Japan and a unified Korean team on Wednesday.

Only identified as Chinese-Australian Howard, the man happily waved the flag in front of the cheerleading squad, who seemed to respond cheerfully to the impersonator.

Unfortunately, he was soon considered to be belligerent by North Korean officials also in attendance, who then quickly ushered him away from the section.

Kim Jong Un Impersonator

Howard posted the video to his FaceBook page with commentary.

“I went to the women’s Ice Hockey game between Japan and the united Korean team as the Dear Leader. I managed to meet the North Korean Cheering Squad who have been flown to South Korea as a propaganda tool for the NK regime.”

“Meeting them in the character of the Supreme Leader was quite a surprise for them and their reaction ranged from surprise, shock and even some mild giggling. They were having fun, however their North Korean “minders” wasn’t a fan of my impersonation so I moved by force to the next section to cheer on the Korean team.”

“It’s been reported that I was dancing, however as you can see on this video this is not true, nothing against dancing but really I was just waving the flag.”

“You can see the 1st half of the unedited version of whole adventure below. I will upload the 2nd half when I get escorted out of the arena by some what I am suspect are pissed off North Koreans or North Korean sympathisers.”

This isn’t the first time the faux Dear Leader made headlines at these Olympic Winter Games; at the opening ceremony, he and a Donald Trump impersonator turned heads for their uncharacteristic good sportsmanship and camaraderie, confusing those who didn’t immediately understand they were acting.

As for his reasoning behind the stunt, Howard offered the following: “I’m not just a lookalike. I consider myself a satirist. For people that come from countries with freedom of speech, I think it’s important to take the piss out [mock] of our leaders,” he told Mashable.

“The most feared weapon of any dictatorship is satire.”

Featured Image via FaceBook / Kim Jong “Um” Kim Jong Un 김정은 Lookalike/Impersonator A貨金正恩 冒牌金正恩

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