Identical Triplets Who Just Graduated From UCSD Ready to Embark on New, Separate Journey

Identical triplets Tiara, Taylor and Tiger Nguyen, 22, have graduated together with similar degrees from UC San Diego on Sunday.

The details: The Nguyen sisters from Fremont, Calif., have done everything together, from applying to UCSD, getting into the university and declaring similar majors, according to ABC10 News.

  • Tiara received a degree in computer science, while Taylor got a cognitive science degree with a specialization in machine learning and Tiger with a computer engineering degree.
  • The sisters were inspired by their parents, who were software engineers.
  • Even though they studied similar majors and joined the same sorority, the Nguyen sisters decided to live in separate dorms and have different roommates, Tiger Nguyen told KUSI News.


What’s next: The sisters are planning to go their separate ways after spending 16 years of school together.

  • Taylor reportedly accepted a software engineering internship in San Diego, while Tiara will go to Milpitas and Tiger to Oakland.
  • “It’s not even really goodbye. It’s more like a chapter is closing, but a new one is about to be open,” Tiger told ABC10 News. “I can’t wait to see where all of us will end up.”

Featured Image via KUSI News

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