Iconic Green ‘Matrix’ Code is Actually Random Sushi Recipes

Remember the digital rain in “The Matrix” – the green Japanese-characters line of codes raining from above? Its purpose, for the people who can read and understand it, basically tells what is currently happening inside the virtual world.

While all of that sounds complicated as heck, the reality behind the concept is actually rather simple. According to Simon Whiteley, the production and concept designer of “The Matrix” and the one who made the green digital rain of codes, the meaning of these characters is actually a recipe for a famous Japanese food.

I like to tell everybody that The Matrix’s code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes. Without that code, there is no Matrix,” he told CNET in an interview for “The Lego Ninjago” movie.

The recipes was actually from a cookbook that his Japanese wife uses. He scanned these recipes and used it as a concept for “The Matrix.”

Surprisingly enough, it worked pretty well. Two decades have already passed and no one has ever come out to break the news regarding the codes.

It is also surprising that no one has actually tried to decode the digital rain, considering that it is the film series’ iconic touch similar to the text scroll in “Star Wars.”

Image via YouTube / thebiggysmith

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