MMA Fighter Immediately KOs Opponent By Using the Cheapest Shot Ever

MMA fighter Ibragim Khalilov has things to welcome for the new year, but certainly not a defeat in the ring.

Especially when the chance to win is within reach.

As per CBS Sports, Khalilov was up against Bakhtiyar Barotov at WBK 22 in China on Saturday, where he broke one unwritten “rule” in fighting.

Moments after the referee’s game-on signal, Barotov, seemingly trying to show respect, extended his hands for the customary glove touch.

But Khalilov was having none of it. As soon as he reached out to touch, he punched Barotov right in the jaw and straight to the floor.

Some claimed Khalilov was not going for the glove touch at all, according to Uproxx, but we can bet Barotov won’t forget to keep his hands up next time. Ever.

Check out the cheap shot moment below:

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