Hyolyn is looking to ‘Ice’ things up in summer comeback

Hyolyn is looking to ‘Ice’ things up in summer comebackHyolyn is looking to ‘Ice’ things up in summer comeback
Daniel Anderson
July 18, 2022
South Korean soloist Hyolyn released her cool and confident comeback album “Ice” today and shared the music video for the lead track “No Thanks.”
The mini-album features six songs in total, including “Over You,” “Body Talk,” “Ah Yeah” and two previously released records: “Layin Low” featuring Korean singer-songwriter Jooyung and her “Queendom” Season 2 finale track “Waka Boom” featuring rapper Lee Youngji.

Hyolyn’s second EP “Say My Name” was released almost two years ago. For her latest project, she was reportedly involved in various aspects of the mini-album’s production, including writing lyrics for all six tracks. 

The soloist’s agency Bridge announced “Ice” last month, saying, “As she is dubbed a ‘Summer Queen,’ she will come back with songs so people can have another ‘hot summer’ this year.”
Hyolyn, a former member of the girl group Sistar, was bestowed the title of “Summer Queen” alongside her fellow members due to their summer hits, including “So Cool” (2011) and “Touch My Body” (2014). The group debuted in 2010 with the single “Push Push.” Hyolyn and fellow member Bora were also part of Sistar’s subunit Sistar19, which lasted from 2011 until Sistar’s disbandment in 2017. 

During a press conference on Monday for “Ice,” Hyolyn discussed the mini-album and the pressures that come with the “Summer Queen” title.
“If I say I don’t feel pressured by the title, that would be a lie,” Hyolyn said. “The modifier was for the four members as a group, but since I perform alone nowadays, I’m worried what if I tarnish the good image. … I would like to show Hyolyn’s own interpretation of summer to the listeners.”
Hyolyn debuted as a solo artist in 2013 with the album “Love & Hate,” but this is her first solo album showcase.
“It feels so new, and I’ve been feeling nervous for my first solo showcase,” she said during the event. “It’s been so long since when I used to perform at showcases as a member of a group [Sistar], and this time, it’s just me on the stage. As much as I’m anxious, I am thankful to see so many people attending.”
Hyolyn, who has been dubbed by several fans as “Korea’s Beyoncé,” says she came up with the title “Ice” after brainstorming “what people want and need the most during the summer season.”
“I wanted to make music that people can enjoy, like how they enjoy cold iced beverages in summer,” she explained. “Based on the keyword ‘ice,’ I kept brainstorming and pondered on how ice is usually hard, but also melts easily.”
“It was like me on the stage — I present a firm image — but I’m like melted ice when I step down from the stage,” she continued. “I confess I’m not as cool as you think I am! I’m quite tender and childish sometimes, in real life.”
Featured Image via Brid3 Entertainment
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