K-Pop Idol Hyolin Sparks Controversy Wearing This Outfit During Awards Performance

K-Pop Idol Hyolin Sparks Controversy Wearing This Outfit During Awards Performance
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 3, 2019
A South Korean K-Pop star’s attire during a recent award show performance has reportedly sparked controversy online.
Solo artist Hyolin, the former lead singer of girl band “Sistar,” performed at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards in Seoul on Monday night wearing a tight silver one-piece outfit that exposed her buttocks.
Netizens have criticized her choice of wardrobe that according to many left the popular singer “butt-naked,” Korea Times reports.
Hyolyn performed the song “Spring Watch” from the TV show “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me,” as well as her songs “See Sea” and “Dally” from 2018.
In the footage taken by KBS, some audience members were shown in expressions of apparent shock and discomfort whenever the singing star twirled in her skimpy costume.
Observers also noted that the actors in the audience section were caught by the cameras biting their lips, smiling awkwardly, or held their mouths open in disbelief as Hyolin went on with her sexy performance.
On South Korean social media, netizens mainly criticized the star’s revealing costume, which many find inappropriate for the event.
“This is not your concert,” one netizen remarked.
“It would have fit a music award, not a drama award,” another chimed in.
“Actors’ faces watching the gig said it all,” noted one commenter.
“The costume bombed the rest of her good performance,” wrote another.
Meanwhile, Hyolyn’s fans defended the star, with many noting how KBS knew what they’re doing when they invited her.
“If you book an artist, you [must] know their songs and they even do rehearsals. KBS wanted something different for this awards show and Hyolyn did just that! My QUEEN slayed (sic)..everyone should be awe-struck,” commented one fan.
” Hyolyn is a LEGEND..STAN HYOLYN STAN LEGEND,” another wrote.
Featured image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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