Husky Finds Dog of His Dreams, But His Parents Forbid Their Love

Gray, a 1-year-old Husky from China, has gone viral for crying bitterly as his parents prevent him from chasing the love of his life.

The now viral video, which was shared online last month on Pear Video’s Weibo account, shows Gray crying furiously as his parents stop him from chasing a female dog.

The poor pooch is literally howling and sobbing while his owners comfort him. One of Gray’s owners even asked the canine, “haven’t you ever seen a girl dog?”

In the end, the owners decided to let go of Gray and allow him quench his canine impulse, but it was too late. The female dog was already gone by the time they let go of him.

There, there, little buddy. We’ve all been there.

Featured image via Weibo / Pear Video

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