Wife Trolls Husband By Booking Him a Hello Kitty-Themed Hotel Room

hello kitty

A Malaysian man got an unexpectedly cute surprise after checking into a Hello Kitty-themed room that his wife booked for him and his friend. 

Amy Medusa, a videographer and photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, discovered he was pranked on Twitter on July 9, World of Buzz reported. Medusa posted images of vibrant pink walls, Hello Kitty drawings, and plush toys plastered all around the room he was sharing with a friend.

He was staying at the Fantasy Hotel in Melaka which is well-known for its cartoon-themed rooms.

According to Medusa, his wife was fighting back laughter when he asked her if she had already helped him book a room at the Melaka hotel.

Many were also amused by the prank as the post has now gone viral with over 20,700 retweets and 13,800 likes on Twitter.

Featured image via Twitter / amymedusaa

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