Husband Forced to Sell Life-Sized Pokémon to Save His Marriage

Three giant Pokémon plush toys almost cost a Singaporean husband his marriage after his wife threatened to leave him for buying them. The falling out was somehow averted, however, after concerned netizens stepped in to help out.
The man, identified only by his online marketplace Carousell username ‘featherlit’, said he bought the Pokémon plushies because he wanted to surprise his spouse who is a huge Pokémon Go fan.
His wife had previously seen the plushies of the Pokémon character Snorlax, and commented on how “cute and dumb” it looked.
To give her a surprise, the husband purchased three of the plushies online without minding about the price, reported AsiaOne. He was the first one to be surprised however, when the package arrived. Only then he realized that what he had bought were enormous, life-sized versions of the toys, with each Snorlax measuring about 1.5 meters tall.
Upon seeing the giant Pokémon, the wife reportedly threw a massive fit, pointing out that there was no more living space in their apartment because of the giant Snorlax plushies.
He later narrated his unfortunate circumstance in an ad post on Carousell on Oct. 12, saying he was reselling the giant Snorlaxes after his wife threatened “to move back to her mom’s home”.
Photos of the giant plushie taking up a large area of their apartment wasattached to the post.
He begged buyers to consider his offer in a heart-rending plea: “Please please…guys…buy them away before she divorces me…I will be glad to transport it to your place.”
Many netizens ‘sympathised’ with his problem, with some offering immediate help.
Potential buyer Ah Bu, who seemed to be touched by his sales pitch, said: “In order to salvage your (sic) marriage and your (sic) willingness to let go at an (sic) unacceptable price, I sacrifice myself and my room for u. Bro.”
User Thriftshopthrill commented: “If nobody is buying from you and your wife is one foot out of the door, I am willing to give up half my room space for one of these.”
The seller did not mention how much he originally paid for each plush toy, but he sold the Snorlaxes at $250 a piece. He later updated the post with a successful sale of all the plushies.
“Hey guys, Snorlax has been sold…thanks everyone!” he posted.
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