Husband Lets Pregnant Wife Use Him as a Chair While Waiting

A Chinese husband is being praised online by many social media users for letting his pregnant wife sit on him as he crouches down while they wait.

The chivalrous moment was caught on a surveillance camera inside of a building located somewhere in China, according to Shanghaiist.


In the video, posted on Chinese social media, the couple can be seen waiting outside of a door along with several other people. The woman, who is pregnant, is visibly struggling to stand, but her husband is chivalrous enough to squat down and allow her to sit on his back as they wait.

Some social media users, however, noticed that the husband should just let his pregnant wife sit on a bench at the end of the corridor and remain in the queue on his own instead of letting her sit uncomfortably on his back while they both wait.

Feature Image via Miaopai

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