Husband Apologizes to His Wife With 626 Taxi Ads All Over City in China

One remorseful Chinese husband from Sichuan Province went through great lengths to tell his wife that he’s sorry by placing his apologies on more than 620 advertisement boards.

The apologetic husband, whose surname is Wang, went to the trouble of spending 3,000 yuan ($451) worth of ad space on 626 taxi cabs throughout Guangyan.

Wang’s wife left him and walked out the door after a heated argument ensued between the couple. Upon realizing his mistake, Wang sent the message “Honey, I was wrong,” along with “sweetie, forgive me!” through digital ad displays mounted on top of cabs that roam around the city, according to Shanghaiist.

This apparently isn’t the first time someone has sent their apologies in an extravagant manner. A similar case occurred in the same province in 2016 when a different husband hired even more cabs — 1,407 to be exact — for approximately 30,000 yuan ($4,516).

However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that husbands would do whatever it takes to win back their significant other considering some wives are incredibly loyal to their spouses.

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