LA Writer Told to ‘Go Back to China’ While Walking in a Chinese Garden

Huntington Botanical Garden

An Asian woman asked a mask-less visitor to put a mask on and was met with racially-motivated hostility.

On Feb. 6, Esther Tseng was taking a stroll in the Huntington Botanical Gardens when she noticed a woman without a mask on.

When Tseng told the woman to wear her mask, she allegedly told Tseng to go back to China in an Eastern European accent.

According to Huntington’s website, “cloth masks or face coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times, by all visitors.”

Writing on Twitter, Tseng expressed her frustration with the situation while also revealing that an Asian American man had allegedly told her to calm down.

The Huntington apologized to Tseng on Twitter, promising that it would tell its staff to “be even more vigilant.”

Featured Image via Esther Tseng

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