‘Hunter x Hunter’ fan pledges 1,000 punches of gratitude a day until the end of its 3-year hiatus

‘Hunter x Hunter’ fan pledges 1,000 punches of gratitude a day until the end of its 3-year hiatus
William Yuk
May 27, 2022
While manga lovers around the world have anxiously awaited the highly anticipated return of “Hunter x Hunter,” one loyal fan took matters into his own fists by pledging to throw 1,000 punches every day until the manga resumes serialization.
YouTuber Totsugeki Tarue posts daily hour-long videos showcasing his punches while clad in a white martial arts gi. 
His routine is an homage to the intensive training regimen of one of the most powerful characters in the “Hunter x Hunter” universe: Isaac Netero. At the age of 46, Netero spent years in the mountains to express his gratitude for martial arts through a daily set of 10,000 punches followed by prayers. Upon descending from the mountains, Netero was famed and revered for his ability to strike faster than the speed of sound. 
Tarue’s 1,000 daily punches are his own way of expressing gratitude for the efforts of the manga’s creator and author, Yoshihiro Togashi.
“I wanted to provide a positive topic while negative news about Mr. Togashi was flowing,” Tarue told Maidona News.
While an end to his daily ritual is in sight, with Togashi recently announcing that there are new “Hunter x Hunter” chapters in the works, Tarue told Maidona News that he may continue to dish out 1,000 punches a day “without second thought,” even after the new chapters are published.
Tarue is just a regular office worker who hasn’t yet developed any superhuman abilities, but his unwavering dedication to his personal training arc is worthy of even Netero’s respect.
Feature image via TaoReviews (left) and 樽江突撃 (right)
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