Swedish Model Gives Up Citizenship to Become a Gardener in Japan

Swedish Model Gives Up Citizenship to Become a Gardener in JapanSwedish Model Gives Up Citizenship to Become a Gardener in Japan
Meet Jakob Sebastian Björk, a Swedish-born bodybuilder and a naturalized citizen of Japan.
Björk now goes by Tatsumasa Murasame, a name given to him by his mentor after he gave up his original nationality to become an official citizen of Japan, which does not allow dual citizenship, according to Hachima Kikou via SoraNews24.
Murasame was brought to the spotlight after Twitter user @kuroda_xxx posted his pictures online. The social media post, which has been set to private, listed several points about the hunky gardener, saying:
He wanted to live as a Japanese person so he became naturalised; he is now Japanese
He’s incredibly good looking
He has incredible muscles
He has an incredible occupation – gardener
He has an incredibly cool name ‘Tatsumasa Murasame’, which was given to him by his master”
He was taught all the necessary skills to master the art of traditional Japanese garden design.
Murasame uses all of it, along with traditional tools and techniques, to create and care for tranquil gardens and to prune pine trees.
He also likes to tend to bonsai trees.
Murasame lives a healthy lifestyle through bodybuilding.
He participates in bodybuilding competitions as well.
With his newfound internet fame, Murasame appeared on several television shows in Japan including “More Japanese Than a Japanese Person,” and he has done some modeling gigs as well.
Despite all the TV appearances, modeling, and bodybuilding competitions, at the end of the day, Murasame remains true to his gardening passion.
Follow Murasame on Instagram to see more of his gardening photos.
Images via Instagram / Tatsumasa Murasame
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