Hungry Teen Sets Buildings on Fire Because He Couldn’t Eat at a Curry Shop

A 16-year-old boy suspected of starting two of four consecutive fires in just one day was arrested in Japan.

The fires broke out in different sites within a neighborhood in Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, on January 2.

Police investigations led to a 16-year-old boy who admitted to one of the cases. He was working part-time in the prefecture.

As he claimed that hunger triggered him to commit the savage act (via Yahoo! News Japan):

“I went to eat curry, but because the store was closed, I got angry and started fire with a lighter.”

One of the fires started at an automobile dealer. Ten minutes later, another broke out at a restaurant warehouse 200 meters south of the dealer. This burned nearby houses, but fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

The other two fires were started on a bicycle and a garbage can in neighboring apartment buildings. As seen in surveillance videos, a person matching the teenager’s features was responsible for the arson.

Netizens worried:

“You better put him in the hospital, right?”

“He sure has gone nuts.”

“This seems to be out of rehabilitation. He must be treated, but will he heal?”

“It is better to get rid of him because it will be repeated again.”

“Still, isn’t it strange that he’s protected by juvenile law?”

Now we know how far a teenager hangry for curry can go.

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