Humble Chinese Bride Drives Groom and Guests to Her Own Wedding in a Bus

Humble Chinese Bride Drives Groom and Guests to Her Own Wedding in a BusHumble Chinese Bride Drives Groom and Guests to Her Own Wedding in a Bus
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July 14, 2017
A wedding ceremony in East China is garnering attention not for its lavish efforts, but for its strange and unconventional convoy.
After all, this is quite understandable since a wedding ceremony is an event that both the bride and groom will want to cherish and remember. However, one bride in Shandong had no need for any sort of lavish display in order for her big moment to become memorable.
According to Shanghaiist, Wu Zheng preferred her wedding convoy to consist of nothing more than regular buses. As a matter of fact, Zheng even drove her husband-to-be to their wedding in a bus.
Of course, her unusual wedding ceremony entourage was not without good reason. Zheng explained to the media outlets that she wanted to make a statement that promotes environmental protection.
The bride-to-be also spoke out against being too flamboyant in such occasions. It’s safe to say that Zheng would prefer a wedding that has a lot more instances of being frank instead of swank. In addition, the Chinese bride also views the bus as a symbolic member of her wedding.
Zheng herself is a bus driver in Shandong and she actually sees the bus as extended family. Furthermore, she met her groom on the bus as well, which makes the bus more like a bevy of fond memories instead of a mere transportation vehicle. For the bus-driving bride, it is vital for the bus to be present during her wedding ceremony since she made sure that it would be there to see her wedding take place. “I wanted it to be here to witness my big day,” Zheng added.
The Shandong bus driver certainly accomplished a lot of things on her wedding day. Zheng not only made a statement that speaks of being more practical, she also took part in a wedding that will be remembered, not just by her, but by many others as well.
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