Chinese Company Punishes Workers for Using iPhones, Rewards Them for Using Huawei

Chinese Company Punishes Workers for Using iPhones, Rewards Them for Using HuaweiChinese Company Punishes Workers for Using iPhones, Rewards Them for Using Huawei
Ryan General
December 26, 2018
As Huawei faces a crisis following the arrest of its chief financial officer in Canada, some local businesses in China have been showing support to the brand by encouraging its employees to patronize its products.
In Zhejiang province, a company has reportedly imposed a policy that rewards workers for buying Huawei smartphones and punishes those who purchased Apple devices, Shanghaiist reports.

Based on a memo of the policy that was leaked online, employees of the Zhejiang Kangjiesi New Material Technology Co who own iPhones will be banned from getting a promotion while those who buy a new Huawei phone will receive rebates off its price.
Executives receive a generous 50% rebate while managers and regular employees get 25% and 20% rebates respectively.
In an interview with the Global Times, a manager from the company based in Zhuji, revealed that the new policy has been very successful.
“So far, all members of the management team have changed their smartphones to Huawei models to show support for homegrown brands,” the manager was quoted as saying. He stressed, however, that the option to choose Huawei over Apple products  was “based on voluntary decisions.”

According to one employee, about half of the company’s 150 employees had already switched over to Huawei. “A lot of our colleagues used iPhones before, but I know many of them have bought new smartphones from Huawei,” the employee noted.
A regional government official has claimed that several hundred businesses were conducting similar programs across the country, reports Nikkei. Shanghai Youluoke Electronic and Technology has been fully subsidizing up to two Huawei smartphones per employee. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology has committed to cover up to 18% of the price for Huawei or ZTE units.
Fuchun Technology has offered to give between 100 and 500 yuan ($14.5 to $72.5) each of its 200 employees who buy Huawei’s smartphone before the end of 2018. An unnamed brewer in Henan is providing free alcohol worth 30% of the Huawei device for presenting proof of purchase.
Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou was detained in Vancouver, Canada on Dec. 1 under a warrant from the United States accusing her of conspiring to defraud banking institutions.
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