Chinese Tech Giant Earns Reputation For Making Bulletproof Phones that Save Lives

It may not be even listed on its spec sheet, but being impervious to bullets is perhaps one of Huawei phones’ most special feature.

The Chinese phone brand appears to be challenging the classic Nokia phones in the toughness department.

According to The Paper (via Shanghaiist), a Chilean man was reportedly saved from possible death thanks to his Huawei phone which showed toughness similar to the legendary Nokia phones of old. The man was with his uncle who had just withdrawn 3 million Chilean Pesos ($4,600) from his pension account at a bank in Santiago, Chile.

While they were walking, three robbers appeared out of nowhere and forced them to give up the money. The man attempted to fight back, but one of the robbers fired a gun at him. Luckily for him, his Huawei Honor 5X inside his pocket stopped the bullet and saved his life.

Two of the armed robbers were eventually arrested, but the one who stole his uncle’s money was able to get away.

Another incident showing Huawei’s bullet-deflecting capability happened in South Africa last year wherein a businessman was shot at close range during an armed robbery in Cape Town. The assault victim was shot in the chest but his Huawei P8 Lite smartphone, which was inside his jacket pocket, impressively took the 9mm bullet for him. 

When the man’s story became viral, Huawei awarded him a brand-new Huawei P9 Lite.

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