A Ramen Chef Shows The Correct Way to Eat a Bowl of Ramen

Ramen. It’s the staple food of college kids and struggling entrepreneurs on a budget. It might not be the healthiest of foods, but it’s cheap and easy to upgrade to a pretty substantial meal.

The Dallas Morning News showcased the recently opened ramen restaurant Ten. The owner, chef Teiichi Sakurai, shows us the proper way to eat a bowl of ramen.

You can start by picking up less ramen than you think you need with your chopsticks; lift the noodles from the bowl to separate the strands from the other pieces of food and then dip the noodles in the broth again. When you bring it up to your mouth, slurp the noodles like you would a coffee that’s too hot to drink — the air you take in helps to cool them. Follow up with some pieces of chicken, pork or vegetables, and repeat. When your bowl is empty, pick it up to enjoy the rest of the broth.

We also bet you didn’t know you should eat a bowl of ramen quickly, in about five minutes, before the noodles expand and overflow in the bowl.

I still can’t get over that slurping noise though.

h/t: Rocketnews24 Feature Image via EatsBlog

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