How One Entrepreneur Accidentally Sold Out a Product No One Wanted

Going viral is a huge boon for any entrepreneurial venture, let alone for one that doesn’t have its feet set firmly in the market yet.
For instance, the Dollar Shave Club sold its concept of $1-a-month razor cartridges through its humorous videos, the first of which garnered 2 million views in three days and netted the Venice-based startup 5,000 paying subscribers on its first day. The 3-year-old  company is now worth $615 million.
Is the Woof Washer 360 next?
After years of trying to get his product off the ground, Ryan Diez’s pet washing invention is now suddenly viral. A silent, B-roll-composed video of the Woof Washer 360 has received over 61 million views after being uploaded to the product’s Facebook on June 25. It’s resulted in the product being sold out.
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Woof Washer 360 is the amazing new dog washing system that washes your dog's hard-to-reach areas with 360 degrees of…

Posted by Woof Washer 360 on Thursday, June 25, 2015

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Diez said of his early struggles with finding a licensee for his product:
“I knew the interest level was there. It was obvious. I got a lot of business cards, made a lot of calls and got pretty far with more than a few companies, but in the end, they all said no.”
After striking out on several deals over the years, Diez, desperate, hit up a lead on LinkedIn and found a partner in the president of R & H Direct, Matt Ackerman. From there, infomercials were rolled out for the hoop-shaped pet hose on TV, but of course, it’s the throwaway Facebook video that’s had the most power.
The morning after the video was put up on Facebook by his marketing team, Diez noticed the views had jumped up to over a million.
Diez told Entrepreneur:
“We thought about fixing the sound, but I think that actually worked to our advantage.”
It’s safe to say that Diez is glad the video is exactly the way it is.
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