Houston Woman Fights Off Robbers Trying to Steal Her Purse Outside 85°C Bakery

Houston Woman Fights Off Robbers Trying to Steal Her Purse Outside 85°C BakeryHouston Woman Fights Off Robbers Trying to Steal Her Purse Outside 85°C Bakery
A woman in Houston, Texas is recovering after a violent encounter with a burglar who tried to steal her purse.
The incident occurred in a parking lot outside an 85°C Bakery Cafe in Chinatown shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Sept. 4.
Surveillance video shows two men pulling up behind a black Mercedes in the area at Bellaire Boulevard.
One of the suspects smashes the front passenger window and tries to take the woman’s purse.
After his failed attempt, the suspect runs to the other side of the car and opens the door of the backseat, where the woman’s friend was sitting.
The woman then jumps out and fights the suspect.
The suspect grabs an item from the backseat but drops it during the struggle.
Seconds later, the suspect shoves the woman to the ground and speeds off.
According to KPRC 2, Houston police said that the suspects took off without the purse.
Meanwhile, the woman’s husband said that his wife is recovering from minor injuries.
The incident shocked eyewitnesses in the cafe.
“I was surprised how violent it actually was, someone being knocked to the ground,” said customer James Leyton. “I love the businesses around here, the food is always fantastic, people are always so nice, but I guess crime can happen anywhere, even in places that we know and love.”
Image via Instagram / @85cbakerycafe
Stephen Le, Jr. of Greatland, which manages the property where the cafe is located, turned over surveillance videos to authorities.
He hopes other business owners would do the same.
Stephen Le, Jr. Image via YouTube / ABC13 Houston
“I’ve turned over the videos to the police, and hopefully we can catch these people,” Le told KTRK. “I think the key in all this is we need to report our crimes. As an Asian, we tend to kind of not forget, but not report it.”
Brian Burks, director of security at the Southwest Management District, which safeguards surrounding areas in Chinatown, agrees.
Brian Burks. Image via YouTube / ABC13 Houston
“The Chinese community tends to be targeted sometimes, because they’re known for carrying cash and not being willing to report those types of issues.”
Anyone with information leading to the suspects’ arrest is urged to call Houston Police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.
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