Meet ‘China’s Hottest Kung Fu Fighter’

A Kung Fu teacher in China is winning hearts on social media through her amazing physique and stylish looks.

Ye Yongxiang, 31, is the sixth generation heir to the Yang Style Tai Chi, one of the most prominent Chinese martial arts.

But after appearing in fashion magazines across the country, Ye, who stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall, has also been dubbed “China’s hottest Kung Fu fighter.”

Born in Shanghai, Ye started learning tai chi boxing skills at the age of 3.

She first trained under her mother, Chen Tieling, who had her wield a 2-meter-long (6.5-foot-long) bamboo rod as a small child.

She entered Shanghai Sports Academy in 2004. Four years later, she began teaching Tai Chi to others.

Ye would be making a name for herself in the years to come. By 2014, she took home three gold medals in Tai Chi boxing, Tai Chi blade and Tai Chi sword at the Hong Kong International Martial Arts Festival.

She has also taken her Tai Chi life to Weibo, where she now has at least 116,000 followers.

In her posts, Ye can be seen wielding blades, rods and swords.

“Who says Tai Chi can’t be young, elegant and fashionable?” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

After studying humanities at the Queen Mary University of London, Ye plans to marry her British boyfriend.

She also plans to spread Tai Chi outside of China through online lessons.

What do you think of “China’s hottest Kung Fu fighter?”

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