Sizzling Hot Pot Restaurant Owner in China Makes Everyone Thirsty AF

A hot restaurant owner in China with the body of a model and dreamy smile is making a lot of people online thirsty.


He owns a hot pot shop in Chengdu, Sichuan province and is legitimately making a lot of netizens crave for some.

He used to be a model before opening the restaurant, according to Chengdu Evening News, which first featured the man as “Chengdu’s most handsome hot pot shop owner” back in August.

Many netizens are probably thinking of flying to Chengdu just to try out this dish.

“In order to see him, I decided to go to Chengdu,” one hungry online user commented.

“I have to quit my job and work for him,” another wrote.

Featured Image via YouTube / 精选短视频

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