Vegan Man Gets Annihilated By Asians After Saying Hot Pot Looks Like ‘Leftover Dishwater’ on Twitter

hot pot

An Australian musician has earned the collective ire of Asian netizens after dissing a popular Asian dish on social media.

“I Killed The Prom Queen” guitarist Jona Weinhofen recently posted an image of a Chinese hot pot on Twitter with the caption: “Meat eaters be like ‘vegan food looks and tastes gross’ And then eat something that looks like leftover dishwater.”

The actual tweet, shown below, generated immediate backlash after the proud vegan posted it on Thursday.

Image via Twitter / @jonaweinhofen

Reactions ranged from ridicule to accusations of ignorance and racism:

Meanwhile, some Twitter users offered Weinhofen some useful advice:

Journalist Jeff Yang did not mince words and gave the unapologetic Weinhofen a title the internet will remember him by beyond 2018.

Yang went on to discuss the history of hot pot and its common vegan ingredients such as tofu, which are now popular among many vegetarian consumers.

“When @jonaweinhofen mocks traditional Chinese fare to condescendingly push borrowed beliefs, he should know that he’s part of a vast exploitative program designed to repackage nonwhite staple fare and commercialize it for white bellies, crushing native cultures as it goes.”

“Also the delicious huoguo @jonaweinhofen mocks as ‘dishwater’ began as a cold-weather mainstay of poor Chinese seeking to stretch scarce meat into a hot meal made mostly of plant products.”

Canadian actor Simu Liu of “Kim’s Convenience” also shared his take on the matter:


Featured Image via Twitter / jonaweinhofen

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