Hot Pot Factory Reveals How They Make Signature Broth, And the Amount of Butter is Insane

Hot Pot

A hot pot base factory in Sichuan, China offered an exclusive look on how they prepare their signature beef vegetable base.

The behind-the-scene video, posted on China’s short video app Kuaishou, shows how the factory in Sichuan, a Chinese province famous for its spicy hot pots, makes their ever-famous beef fat vegetable base, SupChina reported.


The cooking process starts off with butter – LOTS OF IT – that they melt in large stainless steel cooking machinery.

After that, they pour the melted fat/butter into another stainless steel container that’s filled with other ingredients of the base.

They also add vegetables into the base to add more flavor.

After it’s finished boiling, the worker starts the packaging process for the base to be delivered.

Images via YouTube / SupChina

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