TikTok of diners sneaking in their own ramen to hot pot restaurant to save money goes viral

TikTok Hot Pot Customers Bring Own Ramen
  • A TikTok video of diners bringing their own ramen noodles to a hot pot restaurant went viral last week.
  • Some viewers suggested they should have stayed home instead of eating out, while others agreed with their decision to save money by bringing additional supplies from home.

A video featuring a group of diners secretly tossing in their own ramen noodles into their hot pot at a restaurant to “save money” went viral on TikTok. 

The original TikTok poster, who goes by the handle @iqzhprius, shared the video on Jan. 7 with the caption, “Saving money.” The viral TikTok has received nearly 8 million views and more than 511,000 likes, as of this writing. 

One of the diners can be seen pulling out uncooked ramen noodles from under the table before dropping it into the hot pot. The video ends with two of the diners picking up the cooked ramen noodles out of the hot pot with their chopsticks.

@iqzhpriussaving money♬ original sound –

Some viewers questioned the need to bring your own noodles to a buffet, but one of the diners featured in the video clarified, “Y’all this is not an all-you-can-eat place. The noodles are overpriced and they’re the same kind of noodles as what we brought.”

While some viewers suggested that diners simply stay home in order to save money, others thought the diners’ choice was wise. One user wrote, “Noodles are $1 and these places charge like $4.99!”

“She ain’t paying 100 bucks for meat and not get full,” another user commented. “She’s getting her money’s worth.”

Featured Images via @iqzhprius

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