Host Families in America Are Reportedly Refusing to House Spoiled Chinese Kids

Some American host families are now refusing to take in Chinese exchange students after a string of negative experiences, according to a report from Bastille Post via Shanghaiist.
China’s one-child policy has helped the country control overpopulation, reduce poverty and raise living standards. However, one downside of it all is that it’s created a generation of spoiled children known in mainland China as “little emperors.”
One U.S. host family from Southern California said they earn $1,500 per month for every student they host. Initially, the family did it because they found the task lucrative, but after hosting around 10 students from China over the course of four years, they’ve decided it’s not worth the extra income.
The family described the Chinese youth they’ve hosted as “little kings” and accused them of poor habits, including not washing their own dishes after eating, not cleaning up when they make a mess, not paying attention to their food when cooking, and being rude to guests.
The family also observed that students from mainland China like “spending money like water.”
The amount of international students enrolled in U.S. high schools have more than tripled in the past decades, according to a study from the Institute of International Education. In 2013, one in every three foreign students in US high schools were from China.
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