German Man Murders His Filipino Wife So He Can Travel to Thailand for a Sex Tour

German Man Murders His Filipino Wife So He Can Travel to Thailand for a Sex TourGerman Man Murders His Filipino Wife So He Can Travel to Thailand for a Sex Tour
A German man admitted to murdering his Filipino wife just so he can freely go on a sex tour in Thailand.
Computer expert Horst Koenig, 53, confessed in court that he killed his wife of ten years and cut her body into pieces because he was looking forward to an ‘exciting’ sex holiday in Pattaya, Thailand.
His wife, identified only as 37-year-old Grace, was reportedly smashed by a hammer on her head while she was sleeping on Nov. 28, 2015, Daily Mail reported. In his statement at the Augsburg State Court in Bavaria, Koenig said he then suffocated his Filipino wife with a plastic bag before cutting her body into eight separate pieces with a saw.
The accused then narrated how he placed the dismembered corpse in separate garbage bags and stored them in a warehouse. He also admitted to clearing out her bank account afterwards. He went through all the trouble so that he can finally meet a Pattaya girl he had found online.
Pattaya Walking Street Photo by Roman Lashkin
“I had checklists made, I worked it all out,” Koenig told the judges.
The police found that Koenig even researched “how to kill a person with a single blow to the head” on his computer, before committing the crime.
Koenig then told the judges that he met the Thai woman in December, explaining,”What she promised, seemed exciting, and many of my secret desires seemed to come true. I wanted to be with this woman.”
During his stay in Thailand, he said he planned to commit suicide but was unable to do so. “My money was gone, the visa expired,” he said.
After staying in Thailand for three weeks, Koenig returned to Germany, where he was immediately arrested. Photos of a young Asian woman were later discovered in his possession.
“This was a person with whom I got distracted on the internet from my gloomy daily life,” Koenig said. “My wife increasingly lived on her mobile phone to the extent that she once burned a pot on the stove.”
If convicted, Koenig could get life imprisonment for premeditated murder.
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