‘Horse Couple’ Goes Viral in China After People Think They are Really in Love

Two horses living in Chengdu, China have gone viral after a series of photos depicting their ‘romance’ spread online.

The now famous ‘horse couple’ went viral on Chinese social media just days after China celebrated Singles’ Day.

Despite their contrasting colors, they actually share similar backgrounds, as they both are from Europe — the white one hails from the Netherlands while the black one comes from France.

The two horses are also valuable, given that the black horse is a crossbreed that has won various competitions across China, while the white one has a whopping 400,000 yuan ($60,264) price tag.

The pair’s trainer, Zhang Yi, mentioned that each of the exotic horses are required to spend 45 minutes exercising on a daily basis, according to China Daily. This regimen leaves plenty of time for them to enjoy each other’s company while not training.

Zhang explained the horse couple “developed a good relationship” ever since they arrived in China, prompting a photoshoot to celebrate their adorable relationship.

Feature Image via China Daily

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