Photographer Dad Features Daughters in Terrifying Book of Children’s Nightmares on Kickstarter

When parents photograph their children they usually strive to make their kids look as angelic as possible in a beautiful place set among the clouds or a field of flowers. That was not what photographer dad Joshua Hoffine was going for in his pictures at all.

Hoffine, who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, captures the most ghoulish scenes people have nightmares of as children.

His daughters voluntarily pose as his models to help him recreate these gruesome scenarios.

According to his Kickstarter page, Hoffine’s work has been featured in well-known publications and websites around the world such as The Guardian, Rue Morgue Magazine and the National Opera of Paris.

He began using family members and his daughters as models in his staged photographs in 2003.

His unique work has been well received by some and criticized by others.

The horror photographer’s most well-known series is called “After Dark My Sweet” and is filled with some rather terrifying images.

The theme is based on children’s nightmares. The collection focuses on his daughters who are surrounded by creepy demons, ghouls, spiders, clowns and boogeymen.

Hoffine is crowdfunding to raise money for his first photo book in collaboration with publisher Dark Regions Press.

His book will be titled Joshua Hoffine: Horror Photography and consist of 13 years of his work.

The campaign has since surpassed their goal of $20,000 and raised $31,085.

h/t: BoredPanda
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