Horrified Witnesses Watch as Chinese Zoo Feeds Live Donkey to Tigers

Visitors of a local zoo in China witnessed a shocking sight on Monday afternoon after the facility’s staff fed a live donkey to a group of tigers.

Video footage of the scene shows a terrified donkey at the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province being pushed down a ramp to fall several feet down into the moat that surrounds the tiger enclosure.

As the donkey struggles to swim to land, one tiger jumps the water to go after the donkey while another tiger swipes at the donkey from land.

According to Shanghaiist, it took the predators approximately 30 minutes to subdue and kill the donkey which struggled to fend them off.

While it was not reported whether the practice of feeding live animals is a regular occurrence in the establishment, a zoo worker reportedly claimed that the incident was caused by “internal contradictions” among shareholders.

Observers believe that a shareholder of the firm that owns the zoo gave the order to toss the live donkey into the enclosure without clearance from others.

“For the sake of the donkey, that shareholder should be tossed into the pit as well,” an angered netizen commented after viewing the clip.

Watch the clip below (viewer discretion is advised):

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