Horrific Footage Shows a Whale Being Butchered For ‘Dog Food’ and Employee Bonuses

An alarming video from China shows an 8-ton whale being slaughtered just outside an office building in Jiangxi.

The viral video of a whale being cut to be served as “dog food” was filmed just outside the offices of Risun Technology Corporation located in Xinyu City, Shangaiist reported.

The disturbing video was posted last week and has caught the attention of authorities. The whale was reportedly a “gift” for the director of the Risun company from another company boss.

The report added that it took around $600 to transport the whale from the coast of Zhejiang to Jiangxi.

Buying a whale in China is illegal and expensive,  and the animal was believed to have been cut up to be served as dog food. Some whale meat parts were also divided among workers as a year-end bonus.

Even though all whales in china are considered nationally-protected animals – wherein other whale breeds are recognized as endangered – it doesn’t stop some ruthless fishermen from harvesting them.

In fact, if not for viral videos and photos showing the gruesome slaying of these marine animals, the illegal whale trade would continue to thrive and grow.

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