Horrific Accident Unfolds as Waiter Drenches Child in Boiling Hot Soup in China

Horrific Accident Unfolds as Waiter Drenches Child in Boiling Hot Soup in China
Kyle Encina
September 27, 2017
A little boy had a horrific restaurant experience in China after a waiter lost his balance and drenched the tyke with an entire pot of steaming hot soup.
Video of the incident exploded on Chinese social media as netizens questioned the restaurant’s safety measures.
The CCTV footage shows a family of three readying their stomachs for the pot of soup. However, the restaurant’s slippery floor made the waiter lose his balance and spill the broth all over the child’s lap while steam begins to spreading all over, indicating just how hot it was.
Fortunately, the youngster’s mother reacted quickly and lifted the boy out of the steaming pile of soup while the father threw the pot to the floor, and then proceeded to tend to the boy as well.
While it’s only natural to assume that the incident is all the clumsy waiter’s fault, some social media users believe that is not the case.
Users from the popular Chinese social media site Weibo exclaimed that this was nothing more than an accident, and that the restaurant is actually the one at fault for not observing safety precautions, according to AsiaOne. Others also recommended the restaurant to use safer kitchenware when it comes to serving piping hot soup.
Although it is not wise for establishments to scare off their customers with their soup, some Chinese restaurants did manage to ward off burglars with a mere soup utensil. It’s not just humans that are running away from boiling soup either, since even crabs seem to do whatever it takes to getting themselves away from scorching broth.
Watch the video of the accident below:
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