Hongkonger Will Most Likely Get the Death Penalty After $93 Million Drug Bust in China

Hongkonger Will Most Likely Get the Death Penalty After $93 Million Drug Bust in China
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 21, 2016
One Hong Kong citizen along with more than 10 other suspects could face the death penalty after Chinese authorities seized over two tons of methamphetamine.
Police in south China’s Guangdong province seized 2,010 kg of the drug following a tip-off. Shutting down two production sites, they also took two fake guns, over 10 bullets and manufacturing equipment.
The confiscated drug was valued at HKD $723.6 million, or around $93.1 million)
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Deng Jianwei, head of drug enforcement at Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, said that police received the tip-off in mid-September. According to CRI, it was regarding individuals planning to traffic drugs to Hong Kong, including one from Hong Kong and another from Vietnam.
The informant received 30,000 yuan ($4,400) as a reward when the case was made public at a press conference on Thursday.
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Meanwhile, a Hong Kong government source speculated that the drugs were not intended for local consumption, South China Morning Post noted. The source said:
“It is possible the Ice was destined for Australia or New Zealand, where it could be sold for five or six times what it would sell for in Hong Kong.”
Sources claimed that the Hongkonger, surnamed Wong, will likely be put to death along with others.
Authorities in Guangdong arrested 19,000 suspects, seized 14.7 tonnes of drugs and uncovered 15,000 drugs cases between January and September 2016.
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