Rich Chinese Mom Tries to Bribe Customs Official With Sex, Fails Miserably

Here’s some news that looks like a blurb from a porn video: a 55-year-old Chinese woman tried bribing a customs officer with sex after being caught smuggling designer goods.
Hong Yang and her adult daughter were recently caught sneaking $160,000 worth of undeclared goods into JFK airport from Paris, according to the New York Daily News.
Customs and Border Patrol officers uncovered a considerable amount of undeclared goods, including expensive designer pocketbooks, wristwatches, a fur coat and diamond jewelry valued at $160,000, in her daughter’s possession.
According to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, Yang initially offered the officer $10,000 and a wristwatch in exchange for letting her daughter pass through the airport with the goods. Reports say that the woman then wrote her name and a mobile phone number on a piece of paper and passed it to the officer.
The officer then left and returned with a hidden recording device. Yang, seeing that the officer was not easily convinced, offered to sleep with him and take him to China.
Yang believed she had escaped legal trouble after the officer did not immediately charge her and let her leave the airport.
A few days later, U.S. Homeland Security agents arrested Yang at the airport as she attempted to board a flight to China.
Yang’s defense lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said in a statement that the arrest was unjust and was due to a misunderstanding.
Yang is currently free on a $250,000 bail and is taking temporary residence at her daughter’s apartment.
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