Hong Kong Woman Has Sex With Dad to Keep Him From Marrying His Fiancée

Hong Kong Woman Has Sex With Dad to Keep Him From Marrying His Fiancée
Ryan General
May 31, 2017
A Hong Kong woman on trial for incest explained to a local court on Monday that she had sex with her own father to keep him from marrying a new wife.  
On two separate instances, the unnamed 26-year-old reportedly engaged in sexual intercourse with her 58-year-old father. According to SCMP, both incidents happened back in 2009 when the woman was just 19 years old. Both of them are now facing the incest charges and awaiting a verdict.
A psychological report indicating how devoted she was to her father was presented by her lawyer. In her defense, the document stated that the daughter, who was deprived of her mother’s love, became desperate when her father was about to get married to his fiancée.
“She offered to have sex, hoping that he would change his mind,” the lawyer argued in mitigation.
The father did end up marrying, but divorced in 2013, according to The Straits Times.
According to the paper, the sexual encounters showed the daughter’s “misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father.”
The defense attorney argued that the daughter requires treatment for her actions and giving her a punishment for it would “serve no purpose.”
Speaking to the courts, the woman even made an initial plea to make her fully responsible so that her father could be spared.
Her father, a Chinese medicine practitioner, had earlier narrated how his daughter hugged and kissed him to comfort him when he felt depressed about their situation. The incident developed into sexual relations that continued throughout 2009.
He vowed to stay away from his daughter by moving to mainland China via a mitigation letter.
It was the woman’s younger brother, then a high school student, who reported their father to local authorities in 2015 when he discovered a memory card containing a video footage of the pair engaging in intercourse.
In a recent statement after emerging from depression, the brother revealed that he did not know then that his sister consented to the acts.
Both of the accused pleaded guilty to two counts of incest. The district court will hand out the verdict on June 12.
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